I initiated Mozzochi.wordpress.com in June 2013 after many, many years of fallow scribbling. All my submissions could do with a re-write, or two.

I graciously request and will humbly accept your most acerbic, disheartening, eviscerating, and altogether discombobulating criticism together with what I hope will be pleasant and edifying engagement of my blog, Mozzochi.wordpress.com.

Is there anyone who could assist me in managing the wordpress.com hosting site? A technical advisor? As an amateur blogger I am having trouble linking, liking, friending, connecting and generally managing it.

I enjoy writing; I hate having to manage this thing.

Deciphering the internal (il)logic and personal whims of the legions of nerds who set this stuff up is a ‘No Exit’ experience for me. While I get a warm fuzzy from having successfully set up the thing at all, I am also aware that my blog exists in a remote and obscure corner of the internet reserved for–well, those bloggers such as myself who do not understand the 21st century technical requirements of self-promotion on the web.

Perhaps it’s just as well, but I would like a bit wider distribution.

Sincerely, Jonathan Mozzochi

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