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As measured by revolutionaries the value of philanthropic giving is to be found not only in the item given (the amount, its strategic impact) but in the size of the reservoir from which said item derives. Put another way acts that rise above charity and facilitate change are those which involve sacrifice. On this valuing, the $5 bill extended a homeless person from someone with only $100 is revolutionary in a way the $10,000 grant from a foundation with an endowment of $3,000,000, is not. With one exception: when that grant is made in order to spend that endowment down, immediately. Then again, all fortunes are amassed from another’s misfortune. That such endowments are not universally regarded as the spoils of war and wage labor is of little matter. When such wealth is redistributed in the commons the truth of the matter will out.

Everything we want is in the end of you.