“What is Nomophobia? Nomophobia represents the irrational fear of being without a mobile phone. The term was coined in 2009 in the UK and comes from the anglicism “nomophobia” (“no-mobile-phone-phobia”).


Sounds like illiteracy, to me. But then again, I’m a bit Anglophobic, so I might be biased here. And there. But still.

I admit that when I first encountered “nomophobia” a few minutes ago, I didn’t know what it meant. So, naturally I focused on the “root” (nomo) which I knew was from Greek or Latin and pertained to the law. But, no. No help whatsoever. I guess I need a teenage wanker from the UK to decode this and the cacology that went into it. That same wanker will probably emerge as the automaton that secretly animates Bard, ChatGPT, and all the other AI insanity currently being unleashed by the Lords of Bitsphere. Now that’s a neologism worth keeping. Not wanker, silly goose, the other word.

Cacology = to both mispronounce and misuse a word. Takes some skill, that one.

And what say the crusty, but eternally proper, OED? The editors added “nomophobia” along with “Jedi” back in 2019. Perfect symmetry there. God I hate Star Wars. Fucking hell. Another sign of Anglophone “culture” going insane and dragging everything else along with it into the dumpster of history.

Thanks for stumbling into my Ted Talk.

Lastly, because I don’t want to be re-traumatized by having to look it up, can you whisper who is/was the eponymous asshole who started that cringe fest for bloviating turd blossoms? 🤷‍♂️ Anyone? Or is TED not a name, but a new word, also?