Two takeaways for anti-fascists from The Seirawan Method of playing chess.

  1. Simplicity, economy of terminology, and a rigorous explication of the principles that govern the game, allows a player to ‘get in the game’.
  1. Infinite value of the king in chess suggests the ‘infinite value’ of the socialist project–something that must be free from the arbitrary, injurious, and invidious operations that characterize capitalism. The gig economy and Bitcoin suggest the scaling up of the Bit Revolution and the intensification of globalization.


The $350.00 fucking Nike shoe.


The Bit Revolution


William Gibson


The contradiction between the competition of capitalism and the cooperation of democracy.


A Redefinition of Fascism

  1. Political Geography–(hidden in plain view) Over its 100 year history fascism has always occupied a distinct political geography. As such it is a product of Europe and North America.
  • 17:10
  • 2. Social Base–cross-class whites, mirrors larger society. Heavy representation within Christian Right, National security security state, fractions of capital at odds with globalization.
  • 19:30
  • 3. Ideology–white christian nationalism. Sees itself in opposition to the global south and the left when it has an internationalist, anti-racist character. Otherwise, fascism cannibalizes or neutralizes these social forces and adds them to its social base.
  • 20:00
  • 4. MARS Motor–the fight above and below involving no small amount of para-politics must be engaged.
  • 25:16
  • 5. Periodization
    Cold War
    21st Century

Regis Debray’s periodization.



Overdetermination refers to the establishment of parameters, horizons of social and political action. The Cold War didn’t directly determine the nature of fascism in all instances; only constrained its horizons. It also kept it alive. The concept is related to that of Ernst Mandel’s ‘parametric determinism’ and another, the ‘semi-permeable membrane’.


The fascist interregnum.

Fascism and the Bit Revolution.